Friday, August 22

...seriously? seriously.

i wrote an earlier post where i wondered why it was every band felt the need to drop the f*bomb in order to seem cool.

i have wonderful news to report - i recently went to a concert and had CUSS-FREE experience! and it was Good Charlotte!! :D
i will admit, i NEVER would have guessed them as the one band i would never hear cussing from, but so it is!

i was thrilled - i liked some of their music before, but i respect them now like i never thought i would before. :) it IS possible to be cuss-free and popular, folks - Good Charlotte is proof of it!

Tuesday, August 5

my nights

put it in drive, turn on the lights,

let’s get clear away from here

so I can clear out my head

turn on our song

you hold my hand tight

as we sing along my troubles fade away


just keep going, driving to wherever

just keep smiling, and I’ll pray that this ride never ends

this ride never ends

we’re wasting your gas

and wasting our time

but I can’t think’a better way

i’d like to spend my night -

like to spend my night.

you make me laugh, i tease you back,

tracing patterns on each other’s hands

as we talk about the day

who could have know something so simple

could be exactly what I need,

and how you help me find my way?...


fall into silence, my eyes start to close...

your truck, it rocks me off to sleep

and I am warm and safe in your care...

your smile astounds me, your life surrounds me

and I can’t think’a better way I’d like to spend all of my days…

and nights

like to spend my nights

like to spend my nights!

'my nights' was a first for a few reasons -
1st - it was an UPBEAT song, which michelle had been after me to attempt for a while ;)
2nd - it was a belty placement, which was scary for me :}
3rd - it had a CHORUS, which no other song of mine had yet - i have this fear of redundancy...
4th - i wrote out all the lyrics to the verses and the chorus before i ever picked up my guitar. (that was during Accounting 200, if truth be told. ;) time well spent!) usually i needed to get a chord progression that i liked and a melody that inspired me before i could write lyrics...not to mention how much harder it is for me to come up with a sound that follows the song i imagined in my head after the fact! :}

the inspiration for this song came from two sources -
1st - a few lines of poetry that i wrote before my mission 'we're wasting your gas and wasting our time, but i cant think of a better way i'd like to spend my night' that referred to driving all night with kim and jack. i stumbled across it cleaning and it got me thinking about how much i love to drive at night...
2nd - the rest of this song goes back to a short but fun period i spent dating my friend tyler, since some of my favorite memories of him were as we drove around at night in his jeep. :) (you might note that the last verse referrs to a 'truck' and NOT a jeep, which was done for two reasons - one, 'jeep' didn't sound right, and two, 'truck' took me back to the setting of the original lines i wrote where it would be kim, jack, and i in his which i DID often fall asleep ;) lol!)

love this song, love how it came together, love that it was a step forward for me in alot of ways! :)