Wednesday, July 28

best job perk ever:

chocolate-covered almonds are one of those little miracles that lets you know god loves you.
(well, god, and whoever was nice enough to give them to you.)
the end.

Thursday, July 15

all i want for christmas...

is a pet rock named lester.

he must be heavy and portable.
i will tuck him away and carry him everywhere and tell him everything
and he will still be a rock.
he won't die of being over-watered or under-sunned like my desk plant.
he won't dart out into the street and refuse to come back to the house like a certain puppy i know.
he won't bite, he won't change, he won't need to go out
he won't wilt, he won't whine, he won't eat my shoes
he won't break, he won't collapse, and he'll never be unhappy to see me!
i will carry him everywhere
and he will still be a rock.
...its 2 am. goodnight.