Wednesday, August 4

the toss-up

a dear friend of mine shared the secret of success behind her 15 years of marriage.

about a year after their wedding, she and her husband were at her parents for dinner.
she expressed her desire for a new purse and her husband responded with incredulous exclamations about how she’d just bought her
current purse a few months ago!
how many does a person need?!
what a waste of money! etc etc etc…

at this moment, his sassy mexican mother-in-law
came storming in from the kitchen and exclaimed,
“son, i'm gonna teach you something about women!
women are FICKLE!
they need change!
so about every three months
it’s either
a new PURSE
or a new MAN – take your pick!”

he now counts himself lucky to be safe for another three months each time he sees his wife come home with a new purse. :)