Tuesday, November 23

with bated breath

first off, after some research,
i discovered that "bated"
really IS the correct spelling
over "baited"
because it comes from
which means
to lessen or reduce or put an end to,
which is exactly what you are doing
when you hold/slow your breath
out of expectation, anxiety, or caution -
thus, you "bate" your breath. :)

THAT being said,
and with the state's worst blizzard in history looming over the horizon,
i just need to share how stressful
WAITING can be!

the anxiety caused by a lengthy heightened awareness of impending doom
is far more upsetting than just having to embrace the doom when it happens.

seriously -
i can handle hard things.

but i handle them much better when i don't have
free time before to contemplate how horrific or awesome
it may or may not actually be beforehand
because i have a FANTASTICALLY overactive imagination!

not to mention,
when you ARE waiting for certain, but not as yet, destruction,
time absolutely draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags ooooooooooooon!....

we were warned we might be sent home early
due to fatal snow fall
HOURS ago!
and while i'm not sad about the prospect
of NOT having to drive home in the snow,
the day has tripled in length
and there is still not a SINGLE snowflake in sight!
which means i am still at work
but emotionally checked out,
because i'm imagining how i will manage
to ration out my trident gum sticks
and create a heat-retentive shelter
using only the junk available
in my purse or backseat!




and still no snow.

man, impending doom was never so boring.

Friday, November 19

awkward city

dear mr-guy-friend-who-only-took-me-out-once-and-never-expressed-any-further-interest,

we are friends,
and i'd like to keep being friends,
so please take this with all the love
a friend can give:

please do NOT act all weird
when you overhear that i've been taken out by other men.

please do NOT come around
and get all awkward
in an uncomfortable attempt to
"bring up" the girl i saw you with at the movies last weekend
so you can "nonchalantly" explain
how she was NOT, in fact, your date,
but a girl who was supposed to be with your brother.

i don't care and i'm not offended!

it's totally cool you're not interested,
so please just STAY uninterested and
stop giving me weird vibes that you
ARE actually interested
unless you plan
on DOING something about it
and asking me out again.

which, if you are,
do so, and do it soon
so we can please get past all this...

cause really...
it's just

lots of (plutonic or platonic) love,