Thursday, October 21

Boutique this Friday!

It's gonna be cool and stuff from ArtisanMaskers will be featured there! :D

Tuesday, October 12

name that tune or die

it came to me in a dream.

ok, not really - i wasn't even asleep yet.

i had just closed my eyes
when suddenly
a sassy euro-techno beat popped into my head.

it was catchy!

it was awesome!!...

made me want to do a little dance!!

however, it was really distracting considering i was trying to relax and drift off into dreamland...

i enjoyed it for a while,
but i started to lose my patience.

"could we please turn on something a little less awesome?" i polietly asked.

my inner DJ wasn't taking requests, apparently.


so i continued to listen

...but it didn't make any sense.

i couldn't for the life of me figure out
1) WHY my brain was suddenly continuous-looping this particular song
2) WHERE on earth i had heard it before!

where have i heard this before?

"goooooooogle!...." something inside me whispered

"what? NO!"
i refused to doom myself to a 2 or 3 am bedtime
by getting up and googling it! absolutely not.

"besides" i thought "i can't google 'sassy euro music'! please! i would need SOMETHING else to go off of. but it doesn't matter, beause i'm going to sleep."

however, sleep was too busy rockin out to do its job.

"stop dancing!" i ordered

no such luck

"turn down the music!" i shouted

complete disregard for authority in this place!!

"you better quit bustin your moves, or i'm gonna come down there and!!"

no response.

"...THAT'S IT! i swear, when i!..."

...but when i stormed down
i saw lasers.


this music...with lasers?

...dancing with lasers?...


dancing THROUGH lasers??....

i was so confused.

then i got it.

a heist movie.

security lasers!

so then i tried to think of every heist movie i've ever seen -
but nothing fit.

and my laser-evading hip-hoppin fiend had no help to offer.

"gah! i DON'T need to know this right now! i NEED to get to sleep!"

but he continued to dance.
and the music wouldn't stop
and i still couldn't sleep.

MERCY! i HAD to figure it out!

"you could google it!..." my masked theif of sleep suggested again as he spun on his head and popped back up into a crimp-toe.

"NO!" i firmly commanded while resisting the urge to start a pop-n-lock routine "we are NOT googling anything at this time of night - i would never get to sleep running on such a WILD GOOSE CHASE as a 'security laser dance' search would bring!!" NO WAY!"

"have it your way" he calmly replied - and turned up the music.

needless to say, we fought and danced about it for a rather large portion of the night.

...and after an exhausting night's "sleep"
i blearily woke up and googled my infamous security laser dance music.

and i found it.


that fast.



...note to self: sometimes listening to your midnight music maurader might be a faster way to end rythmic conflict than sticking to your bedtime.

...and in case you're wondering - it's from Ocean's Twelve -
a movie i only saw once and had never thought of since.
and the song is Thé à la Menthe (which means "Mint Tea" in French!) by La Caution
my brain is awesome. :)

Friday, October 8

everything i ever needed to know about life i learned while making masks...

my friends and i are long-time maskers, but i only recently began doing it as a full-blown hobby like they do. we sell our creations on Etsy and the hours i've spent in the last few weeks with a hot glue gun in hand, sparkles in my hair/eyes/nose and feathers stuck to my clothes have taught me alot. here just a few...

1) if at first you don't succeed, take it apart and start over
2) everything has the potential to be something beautiful
3) patience...lots of patience...
4) use your setbacks as chance to put a new spin on things, not a reason to give up
5) hot glue holds the universe together
6) timing is everything
7) inspiration comes when its supposed to, not when i want it to
8) you can never approach any one situation or person exactly like another
9) don't be afraid to go big and bold
10) a little glitter goes a long way...seriously!
11) you can't ignore the inside and simply decorate the outside - it will be pokey and uncomfortable
12) the first step to success is a strong base
13) embrace change
14) use it up, wear it out, make due and save any scraps for another day
15) pretty can't be good enough - durability (and wearability) are key
16) when you hit a block, take a break and go back to the basics
17) you can never have too much awesome
18) patience...again.
19) you have to work with what you've got - and you can STILL make it amazing!
20) if you've burned yourself 3 or more times, you're allowed to take a break
21) you can't please everyone
22) trust your instincts
23) you can't handle glitter without sharing the love with everything and everyone around you
24) there's no satifsaction like that of a job well done
25) be open to outside ideas/opinions - a fresh perspective is worth its weight in gold!