Wednesday, December 1

a very merry kitschmas to you!


the month of
joy, cheer, snow

and this year
i am DONE
with pretty, polite and quiet christmas-ness!!

this year,
i want to see awesomely themed
christmas sweaters!

i want to see elves,
red outfits with white fur trim,
striped decorations
sparkly garlands,
hot chocolate,
cheesy christmas music,
gingerbread houses,
bed-time stories
nativity scenes,
and home-made snowflakes!!

in short,
i want a gloriously kitschy christmas!! :D

and this is the point where
you're probably shaking your head and thinking,
"oh, poor misled emily -
you're forgetting the meaning of christmas!"

to which i emphatically say,
"actually, i'm not."

because an over-the-top christmas
means you can't forget christmas.

and last year,
i forgot.

don't get me wrong,
being together with my family,
opening presents
and eating a christmas dinner together
was wonderful -
completely wonderful!

but i spent the weeks preceding christmas
running around trying to find a job,
buying presents online,
completing my finals,
listening to my every-day music
and fulfilling my calling.

my birthday suddenly arrived and i was shocked!
then i blinked, and it was christmas eve -
and we were about to do our
shepherd's dinner/nativity story,
and i wasn't ready.

i had all my presents purchased and wrapped,
but emotionally, i wasn't ready for christmas.

i hadn't thought about the Savior,
the prophesies,
His life,
the plan,
or my family
the entire month.

and after christmas was over,
i had wished i had actually CELEBRATED christmas.

so while i'm aware and reverence the fact
that christmas
is about Christ
and not Santa or his elves,
all of that ooey-gooey wonderfully
christmasy cheer and music
helps remind me
that a special day is coming
and that i need to be ready.

so, with Pres Uchtdorf's counsel still in mind*,
i plan to kitsch up my christmas this year! :)


read it, love it, live it. :)

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