Tuesday, April 26

the latest anti-tech-depressant

Today I learned how to open an un-openable file.

Some people trick their email into sending zipped files they wouldn’t normally be able to send by changing the .zip to .zi or, in my case, .zi_ . If you try to open a .zi_ file, you will get an ugly error that will convince you your computer hates you and has no self-esteem.

But if you ask the all-knowing-buddah named

Google ,
*insert heavenly celestial choir chord here*

You will discover that your computer is just unhappy and confused because the same dirty trick that fooled your email into sending a document wouldn’t normally want to is now confusing your desktop into thinking it’s too inadequate to open such a complicated piece of documentation.

For SHAME, trisky smart people who know how to manipulate poor little electronics!

But all can be made right again by saving the file somewhere and editing the name to have it once again called by its proper name, .zip , which your sweet computer DOES recognize and CAN, with all confidence, open, edit, print and file away for you!


Now you will get your work done and your computer will buzz with a glowing self-assurance that it never knew before!

Cue the rejoicing.


Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) said...

I have missed your posts! I hope this is a more common occurrence. :)

emi-jo said...

Me too! I've missed it as well! Not to mention if never come to my blog I don't see updates from my favorite families like YOURS! :)