Tuesday, April 26


i'm celebrating my recent reunion with my blog with a GAME!

so, to my very limited number of friends who used to read my blog
before i got out of the habit of writing
who might possibly read this and get a kick out of it:

i will give you a candy bar/carton of ice cream of your choice
if you can guess what song (& artist) this
i-may-not-make-it-through-sunday-school sketch came from!*

it's that simple.
good luck ;)

*apologies go out to my boyfriend, chris**, who cannot guess because he was the inspiration for and recipient of the sketch for texting me the line that brought about this amazing piece of artwork. sorry, cavalheiro - you know too much.

**...of course, he'd have to know that i even HAD a blog in order to try and guess...but seeing as i haven't written in forever, he's never been exposed to my brilliant work ;)


Jeff said...

My best guess is spiderwebs by No Doubt. But I'm probably wrong since it appears to be some kind of spider birthday, which has nothing to do with No Doubt's song.

Pamela said...

My brain has failed me just as much as Google. The only thing I could find that would come close to being as cute as your picture is the Inky Winky Spider Birthday song(different from the Incy Wincy Spider) by Cindy Sue.

Your artistic talents are amazing! :)